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Three Ridges Bio-Dynamic Farm is situated in the rolling hills of West Gippsland. The farm backs on to State Forest, and is ideal grazing country for our herd of Angus and Charolais cattle. We are Certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic – the highest form of certification for natural, sustainable farming achievable today. We farm in the old fashioned way, creating a sustainable eco system where soil vitality is key. Everything else stems from that.

Our Cattle are fully grass fed and finished at around 30 months. So you know that the beef will be full of flavour, clean and free from any chemicals, hormones or anything artificial. You can taste the difference in our beef, and know that it is good for your health.

We know many people are keen to buy Bio-Dynamic beef, but it is often so expensive to buy at the local butcher. You can buy direct from us, bulk packs, at a very reasonable price per kilo. In doing so you know exactly where your meat is from, that the people farming really care, and that it is beef from our Demeter Certified Farm. We are only a little over an hour from Melbourne, so the beef has very low food-miles.

Along with sustainable farming practises, we encourage the sustainable eating of beef. By buying one of our Three Ridges Beef Boxes you are taking a share in a whole cow, and eating cuts from across the whole animal.

In this way you are consuming beef sustainably! And you will always have good beef on hand when you want it.

You will be partaking in what cultures across the world have done throughout time. Think Beef Rendang, slow cook curries and casseroles, Beef bourguignon, quickly seared Mexican Fajitas, and lots more, all with loads of flavour.

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You can now purchase our Three Ridges Bio Dynamic Beef from:

Belmore Bio Dynamic Meats
137 Miller St, Thornbury, 3071. Phone 03 9484 0469
Ask for Three Ridges Beef and John will look after you.


Fill out the order form, and buy a box of beef directly from us, and always have great Three Ridges beef ready to cook in your freezer.
Order 20 kg, 10 kg or 5 kg. 10 kg fits easily in a domestic freezer space.
Email us with any specific enquiries, or for larger orders.

565 Old Telegraph Road
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